Chiropractic and NetworkSpinal® Care

What is chiropractic care?

It is a natural approach to health and wellness that aims to help everyone have an optimal expression of health and well-being, maximizing the human potential.

Chiropractic care focuses on the health and function of your spine and nervous system, the vital communication system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves), which regulates, organizes, and controls everything in your body.

Chiropractic care supports your natural ability to heal and adapt to life’s stressors by adjusting vertebral subluxations, removing interference in your body’s vital communication system. (learn more about vertebral subluxations in our FAQ)

This video provides an introduction to the unique approach we take and how to get started.

What is NetworkSpinal Care?

NetworkSpinal Care is a gentle form of chiropractic care provided at Evolve Chiropractic. It helps your body create unique strategies (1,2) to reorganize excess tension, self-correct, function and thrive at a higher level than before (3).

What can NetworkSpinal Care do for you?

Your current state of health and well-being is a result of the way you’ve lived and how you’ve adapted to challenges and stress throughout your life. In response to physical, mental, emotional, and chemical stressors, your body and mind adapt, enabling you to survive. You adapt by developing patterns of moving, thinking, and holding tension, etc.

When you are unable to adapt to the variety of stressors in a positive way, part of your system remains in a state of survival and defensiveness, binding energy and decreasing your ability to grow, heal, and experience a full expression of life.

When your body is not adapting efficiently, or you are not living in alignment with the life you are meant to live, it hurts. Pain is there to tell you something needs to change.

NetworkSpinal Care offers a different paradigm in health and wellness care. The unique spinal wave strategies your body learns through care help you break free from old habits, access the bound energy of your survival strategies, get to the root causes of the dis-ease in your system, and create a life that is truly extraordinary! (4,5)

(scroll down for research references)

Learn more about NetworkSpinal in our Fundamentals of NetworkSpinal Care Class

Head on over to our free classes to see this and many other recorded classes. This class provides a deep dive into NetworkSpinal Care and the unique Network Wave we help you develop. See three detailed demonstrations of NetworkSpinal Care and discover how this unique care is helping people transform their lives.

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