Neuro Efficiency Scans

How well are you adapting?

At Evolve Chiropractic, we use INSiGHT™ scanning technologies to measure and track your nervous system’s adaptability.

With this state of the art equipment, we detect hidden patterns of damaging stress and track your changes throughout care. This helps us ensure your spine and nervous system are becoming healthier and your ability to adapt and respond to life is improving. So what scans do we perform?

Heart Rate Variability

Is your nervous system able to kick into fight or flight and quickly respond to challenges? Can it cool the jets and help you rest, digest, and heal when you need to? And how much fuel do you have in the tank to do what your body needs to do? Measuring your heart rate variability allows us to see how adaptable you are to stress and gain insight to the energy you have for change.

Thermal Spine Scan

The same nerves that control and regulate your organs, tissues, and glands also control the dilation of blood vessels along your spine. With spinal thermal scanning we can see how well your body is regulating temperature and gain insight to hidden stress that may be impacting your organ and gland function.

Surface Electromyography

Your nervous system automatically controls every muscle along your spine to keep you upright and level with the horizon. With surface electromyography (EMG), we can see how well your nervous system is coordinating your postural muscle energy. This gives us insight into areas of physical stress, imbalances in muscle control, and where your muscles are working too hard or not enough.


With all three scans, your data is compared to a massive database of healthy, well adapted spines to create your CORESCORE, which is a combined neural efficiency index that we use to measure your progress in care.

Picture of the Neural Efficiency Scanning technology developed by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
Image of organ and glad relationships with the autonomic nervous system